Value Beyond Wealth.

Gibraltar Capital Management is in the business of helping our clients go beyond building wealth.

Our clients are, by traditional standards, already very successful. Together, we pursue the measure of success attainable only to those who understand that money has more value when aligned with purpose. When that happens, wealth has no limits.

By design, our clients are relatively few in number, allowing us to craft customized solutions that lead to their financial security and the freedom to follow their passions. The resulting relationships are deep and transparent, establishing a level of trust that redefines assumptions about what a wealth management firm’s services can be.


Empathy in unexpected and efficient ways.

  • In addition to staff who hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, Gibraltar’s team brings creative problem-solving to our clients’ needs. Owners of businesses, successful executives planning for retirement, philanthropists, and thriving families all have specific sets of challenges. We meet those challenges with uniquely designed solutions, developed with empathy, often in very unexpected but effective ways.

A Future

Thinking with you to build value beyond wealth.

  • Gibraltar will walk alongside you to develop and sustain a financial plan to meet your goals. Along the way we will learn, grow, and together adapt to the inevitable changes. We will think with you and sometimes think ahead of you. Together, we’ll build value beyond wealth.
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